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Office Location:
705 Scaife Hall

Mailing address:
705 Scaife Hall, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15261


Phone: 412-383-9616


Harry C. Blair, MD

Professor, Departments of Pathology and Cell Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Interests

I focus on verification of true bone matrix (or when relevant, cartilage matrix) production, including crosslinked type I collagen in extracellular matrix, separated from the surrounding extracellular fluid by epithelial-like osteoblats. I have particular expertise in analysis of transport by bone of mineral and acid to produce matrix.

Methods include advanced microscopy of bone with and without decalcification, and in some cases electron microscopy. I have and run Bruker micro-CT analysis. I have equipment to make and analyze cell membrane vesicles and vesicle ion transport. I do sections of bone with and without decalcification and analysis of extracellular bone matrix. We run common biochemical methods including quantitative PCR and fluorescent labels for cell preparations, including digital analysis of labeling using inverted fluorescence microscopes.

Technique Expertise or Resources to share

We use mice and rabbit models, and most of the common mouse and human cell lines. We do transcriptional analysis. We make and differentiate mesenchymal stem cells from human and mouse.


Osteoclast, Osteoblast. Sodium hydrogen exchange, ClC chloride proton exchangers, Sodium-hydrogen exchange regulator factor, Alkaline Phosphatase, AnKH.


Lab website:


Lab Members

Irina Tourkova Instuctor in Pathology
Quitterie Larrouture NIH International Postdoctoral Fellow