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Office Location:
#103 Rangos Health Science Bldg.

Mailing address:
600 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh PA, 15228


Phone: 412-396-5546

Other Affiliations:
McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Matthew C. Kostek, PhD, FACSM

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
Duquesne University School of Health Sciences

Research Interests

The Kostek lab research covers two main themes: (1) The physiology and molecular genetics of skeletal muscle relating to disease, aging, or injury and the rehabilitation from muscle tissue loss or loss of muscle function.  We work in human, animal, and cell culture models of muscle. (2) Conditions related to muscle pain such as low back pain the rehabilitation or treatment of this pain.

Technique Expertise or Resources to share

In-vivo, in-situ, and ex-vivo muscle physiology and function testing in mice.  Standardized procedures, protocols, and equipment for histology and molecular biology of human, mouse, or other animal skeletal muscle.  Frozen and formaldehyde fixed samples of human, mouse, rat, horse, and other vertebrate skeletal muscle.


muscle, muscular dystrophy, exercise physiology


Lab website:


Lab Members

Maddie Omstead Laboratory technician