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Office Location:
Magee Women’s Research Institute

Mailing address:
204 Craft Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Phone: 412-641-8555

Renee Mandell

Other Affiliations:
The Shear Family Foundation Chair in Breast Cancer Research;
Co-Leader Cancer Biology Program, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center;
Co-Director Women’s Cancer Research Center


Steffi Oesterreich, PhD

Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Interests

Breast Cancer – Resistance to endocrine therapy; Breast Cancer Metastases; Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer

Technique Expertise or Resources to share

In vitro and in vivo analysis of hormone response and metastases in breast cancer.  Omics data sets in primary and metastatic breast cancer.


Breast Cancer
Endocrine Resistance
Lobular breast cancer
Estrogen Receptor


Lab website:


Lab Members

Dr Oestereich co-directs the Lee-Oesterreich lab with Adrian Lee, PhD

Jennifer Xavier PhD Faculty emzavierjm@upmc.eduail
Neil Carleton MD PhD Student
Dorothy Carter Graduate Student
Jian Chen Research Technician
Kai Ding Graduate Student
Ashuvinee Elangovan Graduate Student
Jagmohan Hooda Research Scientist
Anokhi Kashiparekh Graduate Student
Beth Knapick Lab Manager
Zheqi Li, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Simeng Liu Tsinghua Scholar
Jaqueline Mann, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow
Lori Miller Clinical Specialist
Sayali Onkar Graduate Student
Geoffrey Pecar Lab Technician
Laura Savariau Graduate Student
Osama Shaw Graduate Student
Christy Smolak Lab Technician
Jie Sun Graduate Student
Yang Wu Tsinghua Scholar
Megan Yates MD PhD Student