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Office Location:
Crabtree Hall, A544

Mailing address:
Graduate School of Public Health
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261


Phone: 412-624-2970


Joseph M. Zmuda, PhD

Associate ​Professor of Epidemiology and Human Genetics
Graduate School of Public Health
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Interests

Genetics and epidemiology of aging, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, body composition.

Technique Expertise or Resources to share

Tobago Bone Health Study has used DXA and pQCT to carefully phenotype over 3000 research participants of African Caribbean ancestry. Many have bone measures at multiple time points over 15 years and biological samples stored allowing the study of aging effects on bone and mineral metabolism.


Genetics, epidemiology, aging, osteoporosis, bone mineral density, skeletal muscle, muscular strength, sarcopenia, physical function, frailty, body composition