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Bioengineered Models

The uniquely designed Bioengineered Models Core (BM Core) supports development of bioengineered micro-/meso-scale musculoskeletal tissue/organ-on-a-chip/bioreactor to enable next-generation experimental systems to model bone and mineralized tissues. The BM Core supports investigators in 1) learning, design, fabrication, and use of engineered scaffold, cell, and tissue systems for study of development, physiology, and disease and in 2) development of regenerative medicine approaches for repair and regeneration of mineralized tissues. The BM Core empowers investigators by uniting the critical expertise and equipment in the Pittsburgh community on design and characterization of biomaterials, fabrication of scaffolds and micro-/meso-/macro-tissues, and culture of physiologic systems in bioreactors. It works as a library, consulting firm, and collaborative partner that seeks to make this bioengineering know-how accessible to all investigators in the biological and health sciences, including sharing of novel intellectual property.

The Core employs a collaborative structure instead of fee-for-service model to facilitate training, collaboration, and the success of projects and competitive grant applications. This open structure overcomes the many barriers to entry and innovation.

Interested users should contact Dr. Juan Taboas.